Availability ceased

This is the former website from me offering a broad collection of IBM hard- and software documentation in PDF and BOOK formats.

The site has been subject to a formal takedown request by an employee of IBM UK. I have complied to this request expecting to be in a better negotiation position for being cooperative, to get official permission to host the documents.

Jan 31, 2023

Dr. Paul N. Taylor FBCS CITP CEng
Product Planner
IBM CICS Development
Hursley Park, UK.
asked me to
... remove immediately from ibmdocs.pocnet.net all IBM copyright material which you are not authorized to reproduce and distribute.

After complying to the takedown request I requested permission to publish IBM copyrighted material, as he puts it, from Mr. Taylor. He stated he has sought further advice from members of their Intellectual Property and General Legal teams to consider my request.

Feb 17, 2023

After inquiring about the current state of my plea for permission to continue the publication of the documents for the benefit of the general public, Mr. Taylor responded:
To close this matter, IBM requests that you do not host any IBM copyright material on your web site https://ibmdocs.pocnet.net/. I can confirm that IBM copyrighted materials (including many older publications) are available to the public through our websites, including IBM Publications Center at https://www.ibm.com/resources/publications.

There is no further comment about my assertion in my initial plea that there are in fact a lot of documents no longer available from IBM itself, and that my publication is mainly meant to fill this attestable gap.

The complete lack of any reasoning given for the denial besides copyright is completely valid from a legal point of view. However, I have reiterated my plea with some more arguments added, emphasizing that sometimes insisting on a legal point is moot, especially when there is no evidence of any damage being done.

I also sent mail to dmca1998@us.ibm.com, an address I've found by searching the IBM site for copyright-related topics. The recipient is thought for when IBM violated copyright. Either the mailbox never gets read, or the responsible person, a Mr. Jason Berrebi, decided to not answer my inquiry.

Feb 26, 2023

Sent a polite email to Mr. Taylor, asking if my last email reached him.

Mar 03, 2023

Finally got response from Mr. Taylor, confirming the reception of my message from Feb 26, 2023, and that there are no further comments.
Politely asked for contact data of his principal.

Contact me: webhamster@pocnet.net